Garden Soil Thermometer

  • Soil Temperature Range: -10 to +110°C & 0 to 230F
  • Accuracy +/- 1°C at ambient
  • 1°C Divisions
  • Product Length: 320 mm
  • Product Material: Aluminium Casing with a Glass thermometer
  • Easy To Locate Red Top



A soil thermometer allows you to measure soil temperature in greenhouses, allotments, or any horticultural or agricultural land.

Soil thermometers are vital to ensure maximum yield in any crops you grow whether on a commercial or personal basis.

This thermometer comes with an easy to locate red top which is easy to hold and insert into the soil. This is a great budget thermometer and could be considered the best soil thermometer on the market.

What is a soil thermometer?

A soil thermometer is an essential tool for all gardeners to measure the temperature of the soil. This is highly important when planting crops for the season. Without a soil thermometer, seeds and seedlings may be planted in conditions that are too cold and risk frost damage. If planted in too warm conditions then crops have been planted too late and may not grow to their full potential, reducing yield.


How do I measure the temperature of my soil?

Insert the thermometer into the ground so that the aluminum is fully inserted into the soil, leaving the glass section visible to read the temperature. Leave the thermometer in the ground until the temperature has stabilized. It is advisable to measure soil temperature first thing in the morning as this will be the lowest soil temperature which is vital for plant growth.


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