Digital Max Min Thermometer

Digital Max Min Thermometer for home or the garden. Perfect for monitoring maximum day time temperatures and minimum night time temperatures to help in setting your home heating!

Max Min Thermometer Essential Details

  • Min – Max Temperature Range: -10 Deg C to +50 Deg C
  • Switchable Degrees C and Degrees F function
  • Auto-reset after a set time period
  • Batteries Included
  • Wall hanging hook provided


Digital Max Min Thermometer Information

What is a max min thermometer?

A Max Min Thermometer displays the Maximum and Minimum Temperature readings over a time period. Many Max Min Thermometers reset every 24 hours meaning the Maximum and Minimum temperatures displayed are for the past day. Max Min Thermometers can sometimes display the Maximum and Minimum temperatures since the Max Min Thermometer was last reset – needing to be manually reset. To make a Max/Min Thermometer really useful, it’s also possible for them to display “Current Temperature” which is great for reference against the lowest and highest temperatures that have been read.

Digital Max Min Thermometer or Analogue Glass Max Min Thermometer?

Analogue Max Min Thermometers are more classical in their appearance and use. Digital Max Min Thermometers are the modern standard with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Technology using low battery power, these battery powered digital Max Min Thermometers can last a long time between battery changes and operate at a range of hot and cold temperatures.

What’s the difference between a cheap Max Min Thermometer and an Expensive Max Min Thermometer?

Cheap Max Min Thermometers are likely highly inaccurate and far less reliable than a well priced or more expensive Max Min Thermometer.

What are Max Min Thermometers are also known as?

  • Min Max Thermometers
  • Max Min Temperature Monitors
  • Max/Min Thermometers
  • Maximum Minimum Thermometers
  • Minimum Maximum Thermometers


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