Digital Greenhouse Thermometer

Digital Greenhouse Thermometer Specifications

  • Range: -10 to 50°C/F
  • Display Resolution: 1°C
  • Accuracy: +/- 1°C
  • Battery: 1 x AAA (Supplied)
  • CE & RoHS/WEEE: Compliant


A digital greenhouse thermometer allows you to accurately monitor the temperature in your greenhouse all year round.

It’s an essential feature of a greenhouse thermometer to measure maximum temperatures and minimum temperatures reached over a period of time. This allows you to know how cold your greenhouse is getting during the night time in the depths of winter, and equally how hot the inside of your greenhouse is getting during the day time in the height of summer.

These peak and trough temperatures – the hottest and coldest temperatures your greenhouse reaches are where the biggest damage to your seedlings and crops can occur, especially if these temperatures are seen on a daily basis.

By using a greenhouse thermometer to measure the highest temperatures and lowest temperatures your greenhouse reaches, you can then take action to reduce temperatures or increase temperatures in your greenhouse appropriately.

This could mean ventilating your greenhouse during the summer and monitoring the maximum temperature on your greenhouse thermometer, or it could mean heating your greenhouse during the winter with a paraffin heater and again measuring minimum temperature of your greenhouse with your thermometer.

Digital Greenhouse Thermometers allow temperatures to be clearly read and don’t leave room for misreading the thermometer as with older fashioned glass, analogue thermometers.

The Digital Greenhouse Thermometer does of course therefore need batteries, but these typically last a number of seasons without trouble especially with a low power consumption LCD screen (Liquid Crystal Display).

How do you control the temperature of a greenhouse?

Greenhouse thermometers allow you to measure the temperature inside your Greenhouse, but they don’t control temperature. For this you will need effective ventilation strategies to keep air flowing and temperatures lower in the summer, whilst during the winter you’ll need an effective and safe way to heat your greenhouse. Paraffin heaters are common, but it’s also possible to use electrical heaters with thermostatic control to make sure a steady temperature is achieved overnight in a safe manner.

What is the most accurate Greenhouse Thermometer?

Greenhouse Thermometer Accuracy comes in 2 parts.

  1. Reading accuracy (or potential for misreading)
  2. Temperature gauge accuracy

Reading accuracy is most commonly lower with analogue or glass thermometers where the human eye is required to focus to see the temperature.

Temperature gauge accuracy comes down to the quality of the componentry inside the Greenhouse Thermometer – buying a thermometer from a recognised worldwide brand is therefore a sensible choice, even better buy from a thermometer specialist who’s core business IS Thermometers.

What is the best place to put a Greenhouse Thermometer?

It’s best to avoid direct sunlight when placing your greenhouse thermometer inside your greenhouse as this will likely influence the temperature reading and cause temperature measurements to be related to the temperature of the greenhouse thermometer device.

When using a greenhouse thermometer, you’re trying to measure the temperature of the air inside the greenhouse. Therefore placing in a shaded area, on the leg of a potting stand around the third to mid height of the greenhouse from the floor.

What is the best Greenhouse Thermometer?

We would say that our recommended Greenhouse Thermometer is the BEST Greenhouse Thermometer is available. Having reviewed the entire market and been exacting in our requirements, this Greenhouse Thermometer Satisfies all of the requirements one could want in an accurate and easy to read Greenhouse Thermometer that comes at great value.


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