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Best Toddler Thermometer

Every mother knows how it feels to soothe an angry and feverish child in the middle of the night while pondering whether she should rush to the emergency room or continue to treat the fever at home. Fevers are terrible to deal with because they can make little ones feel horrible. But they are also very useful indicators because they can instantly tell a mother that her little one is in danger while they are still unable to speak.

The best toddler thermometer is a worthy investment in any household. These thermometers allow you to instantly check a child’s temperature and many digital thermometers will also store the readings so you can keep track of the changes in your little one’s condition while battling a fever.

The Two Best Toddler Thermometers To Get Right Now

There are many different types of thermometers available on the market. These can include ear thermometers, glass thermometers, oral thermometers, forehead strips and more. Any mother will agree that a digital thermometer is the best for taking fever readings off a toddler.

Best Toddler Thermometers

Toddlers can be quite a handful on most days and they are 100 times more difficult to handle when they are feeling under the weather. Holding down a squirming and screaming toddler so you can take his or her temperature just feels wrong. With a digital thermometer, you can take a temperature reading within seconds and there is no need to hold your little one down for the process.

Up next we are going to share information on the two best digital thermometers that every parent needs in the house.

The IprovenMedical Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer

The iProven Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer is a good investment for any family. This thermometer is easy to use and it allows you to take ear temperature readings in 1 second or forehead readings in 3 seconds. It is compact in size and very light so you can easily take it along on travels.

The thermometer has an LCD display with a backlight so you can view temperature readings at night.

You can also store up to 20 temperature readings which is good for monitoring your little one’s health to see if the condition is improving or worsening.

A fever alarm also flashes red to indicate when a fever is detected so new parents can also know when to seek help for their toddlers.



  • Weight – 4 oz
  • Size – 1.8 x 1.7 x 6.1”
  • Color – White/navy
  • Display – LCD with backlight
  • FeverIndicator – Yes
  • Ear – 1 sec
  • Forehead – 3 sec
  • Memory – 20 readings
  • Silentmode – No
  • Buttons – Two; head and ear
  • Tempunits – F or C
  • Batteries – 2 x AAA included


  • The thermometer is easy to use
  • Different heads are included so you can take ear or forehead temperature readings
  • The thermometer offers accurate readings in 1 – 3 seconds
  • The large LCD display has a backlight for easy night time viewing
  • It is easily transported with its compact size
  • A fever alarm informs parents of high temperatures
  • Suitable for use on babies to adults


  • The thermometer does not have a silent mode
  • Forehead readings is a bit slow
  • You can only store 20 readings
  • Allow 15 minutes for the thermometer to acclimatize to room temperature

The Mosen Baby Digital Ear and Forehead Thermometer

This baby thermometer by Mosen is a terrific pick for busy toddlers and light sleepers. The thermometer takes an accurate forehead and ear readings in one second. It also has a silent mode so you won’t disturb your little one while taking readings during nap times. The LED display has a backlight which helps you take readings without turning on the light.

This baby thermometer is ideal for new parents because it has three temp indicators. Green indicates that the child’s temperature is normal, a yellow backlight informs the parent that the child is running a slight fever and a red backlight informs them that the fever reading is high.

The thermometer can be used on babies to adults and its compact size makes it very easy to take along on any trip. It can also store up to 32 temperature readings for easy fever monitoring.

This thermometer can also be used to identify the temperature of surfaces like milk bottles, it can be used to take body temperatures or it can be used to take the temperature inside a room. It is a very flexible and handy tool to have in your home.



  • Weight – 3.52oz
  • Size – 6.2 x 2.6 x 1.7”
  • Color – White / Light blue
  • Type – Infrared
  • Display – LCD with backlight
  • FeverIndicator – Yes; three color green, yellow and red
  • Ear – 1 sec
  • Forehead – 1 sec
  • Memory – 32 recordings
  • SilentMode – Yes
  • Buttons – 2; Off/on and read
  • Tempunits – F or C
  • Batteries – 2 x AAA included


  • The thermometer is very easy to use
  • It can be used to take ear and forehead temperatures
  • The device offers accurate readings in 1 second
  • It is an affordable device
  • The large LCD display has a backlight for night time viewing
  • Three-level fever indicators offer added guidance to new parents
  • It can be used for babies to adults
  • Can store up to 32 readings
  • It has a silent mode


  • It can be hard to change the temperature unit
  • Allow 15 minutes for the thermometer to acclimatize to room temperature
  • Not suitable for temperatures below -20C or over 54.4C

Buyers Guide

Both of these thermometers are superb picks and will make it very easy to get accurate temperature readings from your toddler. The Mosen Baby Thermometer seems a slightly better pick because it is more affordable, offers variable alarm indicators, it takes readings quicker and it has a silent mode. But all in all both of these are good picks for your home and can help you keep track of your little one’s fever so you can keep your family safe and sound.